This best-selling classic with a foreword by Good Morning America’s resident veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker, pioneered the Angel Animals series, and Willard Scott recommended its amazing stories on The Today Show in 1999. A beautiful, reissued gift book with photos, illustrations, and a new preface by the authors.


"This is a lovely book gift idea!  It is called Angel Animals by Allen and Linda Anderson.  If you love dogs and cats, you’ll love this book . . . a great book about animals!"
—Willard Scott, NBC, The Today Show


Click HERE to view a video of Willard Scott talking about Angel Animals while doing his segment on The Today Show.


“An inspirational and insightful volume . . . to help open our hearts and minds. Read it and love it!”

--Allen M. Schoen, author of Love, Miracles, and Animal Healing and Kindred Spirits


"Angel Animals says it all on our love and need for animals in our lives."

--Roger Caras, President Emeritus, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


"They’ve been with her since her childhood, when they helped her with stressful times of growing up and childhood diseases like the measles. They’ve helped her through three divorces, a suicide attempt, and the deaths of her best friend and mother within a few months of each other. . . . Her story is one of more than 100 stories gathered in Angel Animals."

--Lorrine Thompson, Gannett News Service,


"Linda and Allen Anderson think their pets are out of this world. The Minneapolis couple recognizes a ‘spiritual connection’ with the animals they have love and learned from over the years".
--Pauline Walle,
Rochester Post Bulletin


"Angel Animals explores the spiritual connection between animals and people, which is something that we should all learn about."
--Bash Dibra, internationally acclaimed animal behaviorist, trainer and author


"These stories show the beautiful and undeniable spiritual connection between people and animals."
--Kriston von Kreisler, author of The Compassion of Animals


"Allen and Linda Anderson, publishers of the Minneapolis newsletter, Angel Animals, and a forthcoming book on spiritual lessons taught to humans by animals, will present a San Francisco workshop today for the Learning Annex."
--Leah Garchick, “Personals,”
San Francisco Chronicle


“An insightful, joy-filled, andexquisitely written book."

--Penelope Smith, author of Animals. . .Our Return to Wholeness


"Fans of the 'Chicken Soup...' series will appreciate this book. It's a warm-fuzzy for those who have experienced a close human-animal bond."

--Library Journal